Thursday, July 31, 2008

Half Blood Prince

I just found out that a trailer for Harry Potter 6 is out! Check it out! Its AWESOME!


It has been a long year if your a Twilight reader! Finally the release of the 4Th book Breaking Dawn is a little more than 24 hrs away! They have been teasing everyone by putting a quote a day on the Stephenie Meyer website.. It's made me go CRAZY!! If you haven't read them... click here at your own risk.. but I'm warning you it will drive you NUTS!

I've entered a contest on a local radio station to win the book tomorrow morning at 7:30am. They are giving away 5 copies. Lets be honest the odds are not good. But not to worry i have my copy on reserve at Barns&Noble and will pick it up at midnight tomorrow night!

I have a few theories.. well i have a of theories. I believe that something will happen in the end, where Bella will be dying and Edward has to make the choice to go against everything he believes and turn her into a vampire or let her die and he will follow after. I think 1 of 2 things will happen, he will change her and it's a happy ending or, Jacob will be there telling Edward to change her just so she doesn't die and Edward will choose to let her die. Who knows.. I'm probably WAY off! Happy reading to all Twilight fans!!!

California Adventure day 7&8

I'm tired of blogging about my trip and there wasn't much going on these last 2 days so I'm putting them together!

Wednesday was probably the most beautiful day!
The sky was clearer, the water was bluer. Oh amazing!

I woke up and the fist thing i did was take my picture in the beautiful day!

We just spent the morning lounging and watching T.V. and then we went to a movie

I'll write a review about it later.. It was funny! We also had cold stone ice cream! Love it!

We stopped at a fruit stand to get strawberries. They are the best and they are EVERYWHERE!!

We wanted to try and catch the sunset, it was a such a beautiful day we didn't think it'd be a problem well, the fog blew in and there wasn't a ray of sunshine ANYWHERE! So we just hung out on the random beach and took pictures!

I know.. I'm in a dress and it's not Sunday!

I love the Beach!

How Cute is my dress.. I know!!

Don't ask..

How cool is the picture?
Karissa and i never talked about when i was leaving! We just pretended that i wasn't! It was easier that day! Even on the day we left to go to the airport it wasn't when are we going to leave for the airport it was, when are we leaving for Malibu?

The Malibu beaches are nothing compared to the Port Hueneme beach!

They were dirtier and they didn't have any shells!
BUT guess who was kicking it on the Malibu beaches this fine day..


Saying goodbye at the airport! You can really tell but we're both just bawling!

It was the best vacation I've been on in such a long time! It was carefree and cheap!! It was perfect. I miss Roo so much already! I love you friend and i'll be back soon!!

California Daventure day #6

On Tuesday w deiced to just stay in Port Hueneme. We slept in! It was beautiful! Then we got up and walked to a park and feed the ducks!

We found a place and as soon as we started throwing bread, we
were attacked by seagulls! It was crazy! They were everywhere!

Oh.. i love DUCKS!!!

So.. i let this duck take a piece of bread right out of my hand

and it BIT me!!! I screamed really loud and there was this Mexican family also feeding ducks. They looked at me and started laughing. I held up my hands and said, "It's ok, it didn't hurt, it just scared me!" They just stared at me and Karissa said, "Am, they don't have a clue what you're saying. You just look like an idiot."

Oh they just make me HAPPY!

I climbed a tree.. i got bird crap all over my hand!
No it wasn't worth it!

The Sundial is a memorial for a plane that went down in this area in 2000.

There is a pier we walked down just by Roo's house. There are ALWAYS people fishing there!This guy was as redneck as they come. He was crab fishing.

I think he thought i was crazy when i asked what he did with them when he caught them. He looked at me like i was an idiot and said, "ya eat em"

i hate creepy crawly things..

Oh the open water! It's so good shark week wasn't before i went.

This is a view of Roo's place from the pier

We went to the beach again!

Roo slept while i played!

These pics don't do it justice!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

California Adventure Day #5

Getting ready to hit the road to HOLLY WOOD BABY, with the garmin aka Tabitha! I don't know how people drive through L.A. or any surrounding area with a GPS! It's crazy!

Karissa missed the turn to get on the freeway but i didn't mind i got this pic!

Harry Potter's hand prints.. HOW COOL!!!

Tom Hanks

Harry Potter again.. shut up leave me alone. I love Harry Potter!

Robin Williams

A view of Hollywood Blvd!

This is right by Baja Fresh... good eatin'!!!

We went to the Wax Museum i took enough pictures that nobody needs to go now cuz.. i have pictures of pretty much everything. I won't post them all just my favorites!


"Hello Klarice"

"Whys the rum gone?"

I don't know what this creepy thing was but.. it was kinda of gross looking!


I know this comes as a shocker.. but i have no idea what movie this is from!

Out of all of these wax figures, Samuel L. Jackson
looked the most real. We wanted to ask for his autograph!

I'm not sure I've ever seen this movie but i thought it was funny!

Ya gotta love Spider man

DO NOT mess with us!

The Guinness Book of World Records Museum

Tallest guy ever!

Why? thats all i ask!


I don't believe it!

They hold the Academy Awards here! And its a mall!

We lost the car!

The Hollywood sign is real.. I've always wondered if it's REALLY there.. it is!

this is as close as you can get.. DUMB!

They make movies and TV shows here! How cool!

Then is was home to the BEACH!

Roo got stuck getting her suit on!

Life doesn't get much better than this!

Wow we're HOT! The water throws you around like crazy!

Karissa said that this night was the first time they've actually been in the water since moving there! Well glad i could help! Later that night Roo and i had a great chat! a "Call on Jesus" chat as she called it! IT was probably the only time we were semi serious!!! Love you friend!!!