Friday, January 23, 2009

The Holidays

So.. Since i stuck at life and blogging I'm going to post picture form the last few hoorahs we've had some might have comments, some might not.. deal with it!

The Kids addicted to the Nintendo DS It was ridiculous
Christmas Eve

The Sm ores i made and Lex tried to eat them all

Me & Matt

Grandma & Mom

The cast of the Nativity story

Jason and Joey- Wise men

Tucker- Shepherd

Matthew -Joseph
Kellie- Mary
Misha- Angel

Of course i was the narrator

Watching YOUTUBE

Matt Multi tasking
New Years Eve

Our family party, all the kids!

Aunt Kathy with the babies! Monroe and Isaac

I think we counted 50-ish bottles of silly string!

Complete madness

It makes such a mess!

Brady went all out this year!

The boys back to Mario Kart!

In a nutshell that was the holidays in the Tucker house hold! Love em all but glad it's over!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I Suck...

So, I've totally sucked at blogging.. life is crazy!! Not that there is really THAT many people who check my blog, but for those few of you that do.. Yes, i am alive.. I look like this and I'm tired but I'm alive and kicking and life is good! I'm in the process of moving to Idaho Falls and very soon i will have pics of my HOTT bachelorette pad!!