Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yes.. Yes.. I know I'm a SLACKER!! (Sorry Margaret!!) So Here's what I'm going to do.. I'm going to up date the last.. what.. 3 months of my life.. Ok! Ready! Go! I have been so busy doing absolutely nothing! Done! HAHAHA I'm so funny!! Ok really!! Let's start with..

MY BIRTHDAY!! I had actually 3 parties.. I know how spoiled am i? Zak, Joey, and I all have birthdays right close together so we decided to have a birthday party all together before Jana and Matt headed to Moscow.

In Case we ever need proof, we are a legal document.

Then i went with my girls! It was a blast! The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Karissa would have been there! And Jana too! We missed you both! BUT the day over all was great! We went to the movie WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE, i wouldn't recommend it.. it was boring and long and disappointing, then we went to Texas Roadhouse. Thanks for dinner Jessie! It was so good! We headed back to my apartment and opened presents and had cake.. My cake had a ORANGE LLAMA on it! Yeah i know right!! A ORANGE LLAMA! I wish we could have got my reaction on video. I was clapping and jumping up and down and yelling.. It was a great great moments! I totally raked it in present wise too.. I have such great friend!!
Em was hoping it was her Prince..
It wasn't! ;)

Waiting at T. Roadhouse

Yeah.. This is my STELLAR cake!! So freaking AWESOME!!!

A tennis racket for the tennis class I'm taking!!

I wish I actually got him and not just the bag!
He is now my candy dish..

I love my Friends!!

Then cuz I'm spoiled i decided that everyone should bring they're own steak and we could have a BBQ for my birthday! Klarice made Zak and I cakes.. I love birthdays!!

How awesome is this cake?? I'm so loved!!