Saturday, August 30, 2008

Check this out!

This is Interesting ... give it a try .

When you click on the link, a series of about 15 pictures will come up. Click on a photo in that category that appeals to you .

Again 15 pictures will come up, click the one for you and move on. Just continue to keep picking.

At the end it will give you a profile of yourself.... It's called a visual DNA.... Your choices dictate your profile. Click on the tabs on the right.

It's kinda fun!!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

A little sad...

This is my favorite time of year. I love the fall. The weather is PERFECT! School supplies go on sale. I bought 10 notebooks for a $1 today! There is no other time when you can do that! How amazing! And the pens and the glue and loose leaf paper and scissors.. Oh man!

Also it's the US OPEN! I love tennis! I really love it! While I'm at work i keep and keep the live scores us so if i get a chance i can run by and check the scores. Man i love it! This why I'm sad. Nobody i knows shares this love with me. I have watched some incredible matches this week and no one.. i really mean no ones else has seen them and can share these amazing moments with me. So I'll share them with my blog and hope that i find someone out there who shares my love for tennis!

Monday Night James Blake (USA) 9th in the world played

Donald Young (USA)

He's only 19 and not very experienced but BOY did he give Blake a run for his money! It went to ALL 5 matches! It was incredible!
This was just the last point. In the interview, Blake gave Young a bunch of compliments and made sure that the crowd gave him the respect he deserved! James Blake is a classy guy! May dad said he'd vote him for president! (you have to know my dad to get that!)

This was Wednesday night Andy Roddick (USA)8th in the world(this is one of my favorite pictures of him)

VS Fabrice Santoro (FRA)

It's in French but just watch this serve from Andy Roddick. Roddick was up 2 sets to love. This was in the 3rd set 5 games to 2. I believe it was 30-15 when Roddick served this..

This is what Roddick said: "I wasn't going for him. I'm not going to go for someone up 6‑2, 6‑2, 5‑2. It was a bad miss, but a miss that I hit very hard. It took a little bit ‑‑ I was really excited about the way I was playing, and then, you know, to kind of end it like that, it was a little, I guess, disappointing. And I can definitely probably understand where he's coming from. If I was in the same situation I'd probably be momentarily pissed off, too.

It is what it is. I think I'll probably try to find him here in the next couple of days, and at least tell him that. It wasn't my intention. It was my intention to hit it hard, you know, but it's a serve I rarely hit actually, you know, body there flat. It's unfortunate, but it happens.

We've always gotten along pretty well. I'm sure it will be fine, but I definitely probably will seek him out and try to talk to him.

This is what Santoro said about it: "The match was over," Santoro said. "I was a little bit disappointed with the way he served the point before."

Roddick apologized to Santoro when they met at center court. He said he was aiming for the T and hoped Santoro didn't think it intentional. But he did.

"He served straight at me for sure," Santoro said. "That's a good strategy during the match, but it was almost over. He realized it was kind of a mistake." When told Roddick said he was aiming for the T, Santoro said, "Then it was the biggest mistake of his life. When he serves for the T, he gets the T."

Tonight there was an AWESOME match between the worlds #1 player and this years Olympic gold medalist Rafael Nadal(ESP)

and the #286 qualifier Ryler DeHeart(USA).

DeHeart has never played on a tour or in any big slams. This was his first Pro tournament ever! The first 2 sets were pretty easy for Nadal but in that 3rd set DeHeart gave all that were watching one heck of a show. There was no chance that DeHeart could pull it off but it was just good wholesome tennis! This is why i love the game! There aren't any videos out from this match yet since it just ended like and hour ago.. but seriously.. check tennis out.. its AMAZING!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Team U.S.A.

I am a sick sick tennis fan. I don't care who is playing or how long ago the match was played, I'll watch it. We have the tennis channel! I LOVE IT!!!

I have been watching the Olympics like crazy! I didn't think i liked them that well, but WOW i watch them all the time. It doesn't matter what time i have to get up in the morning I'll watch it until its off the air.

Unfortunately i haven't been able to watch any of the tennis matches at the Olympics this year. KILLER! Andy Roddick decided not to play in these Olympics. He's not a tennis player anymore, he's just another pretty face! (Hopefully I'll eat my words and he'll do great in the U.S. OPEN starts Aug. 25) He feels the the U.S. OPEN (Aug 25) is his best chance to win a slam this year. Anywho.. The greatest(debatable) tennis player ever Roger Federer (Switzerland):

He has been the #1 player in the wold for 4 1/2 years. I believe he has super human powers. He moves better than anyone I've ever seen in tennis. His game is almost flawless. Part of me wonders if he's a vampire, but she doesn't sparkle in the sun. He lost about a month ago to
Rafaek Nadal (Spain):
at Wimbledon in one of the most amazing, intense tennis matches I've ever seen! It was unbelievable. I'm so grateful for tennis. I have a point i promise! There is another tennis player who is amazing! Nothing to Federer or Nadal but still pretty awesome!
James Blake (U.S.A.):
He beat Roger Federer in the quarterfinal of the Olympics this year. I would have LOVED to see that! I love Federer but sometimes it's a good reminder for him to lose! HERE is the article if you want to read it!
AMAZING! So here you have James Blake, (by beating him he dropped to the #2 place of the worlds best player, Nadal now holds that!) In the semi-finals Blake played Fernando Gonzalez (Chile) I refuse to put his picture. Of course i missed this match but it sounds like it was an amazing one. Blake lost but when i found an article to read about the match, i found an article entitled Blake Fuming After Semifinals Loss of course had to read it what happened? Did he not play well? Did he get hurt? Nope, they now call Fernando Gonzalez the Cheatin' Chilean! in a nut shell, part tennis counts on your integrity, if you tip a ball before it goes out, it's your responsibility to admit that you tipped it. James Blake hit the ball and it was going out of bounds and the Cheatin' Chilean tipped it and the judge didn't see so it was called out and Blake lost the point. He doesn't think it would have changed the outcome of the game but he was mad that Gonzales didn't admit that he'd tipped the ball. Here's some of what Blake said, it's pretty powerful, i think:

"Playing in the Olympics, in what's supposed to be considered a gentleman's sport, that's a time to call it on yourself," said Blake, with cold and controlled anger. "Fernando looked me square in the eye and didn't call it. I make mistakes, but I try to do it with integrity, so my parents would be proud of the way I played. If that happened the other way, I never would have finished the match, because my father would have pulled me off the court.

"I've spoken all week about how much I've enjoyed the Olympic experience, how much I love the spirit of it, how much I love the other athletes, what they've sacrificed, and you appreciate that ... That's a disappointing way to exit the tournament when you not only lose the match, but you lose a little faith in your fellow competitor."

"Should I expect him to do that?" said Blake. "Maybe not. Maybe I shouldn't expect people to hold themselves to high standards, sportsmanship," said Blake. "But, yes, I did expect it a little more so in the Olympics, when we're all competing under the banner of this event being to promote sportsmanship, to promote goodwill amongst countries."

...and that's why i love James Blake! Go U.S.A!

Thats what they all say...

So I'm 26 (almost 27) and I'll be honest. I'm not a big dater. OK.. that's an understatement. I'm honestly not sure when my last date was. At least 5 1/2 years ago.. i think. I'm not complaining here.

I love being single! If i wasn't single, i wouldn't be able to do all the fun I've do. I've been on a cruise, I've been to California a few times. I got to Provo like i go to church, i go to the movies and do what i want. Being single is awesome. I just laugh when i see people that i graduated with having 3 or 4 kids. IT'S NUTS! I have 21(almost) nieces and nephews. I love them all so much but as the coolest aunt i get to get them all hyper and sugar filled and then.. send home with mommy and daddy! Best part of my day.

So this is where my frustrations come in. Recently a few different people have said to me, "Hey Am, would you go on a blind date? I know the coolest guy. You guys would have so much fun!" or "Amber i know this guy, he's kinda shy but he's good and he's so much fun you guys would just compliment each other so much!"

OK.. I'm fine with a date. I really am. How long has it been? Seriously, guess how many dates I've been on with these 'great guys?' Still dateless. So here's my thing. I'm good with or without a date! It's not a big deal to me. BUT don't tell me you're going to set me up on a date unless you are really going to go through with it.. is that too much to ask?

Thank You! Have A Great Day!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Everyone concentrates on the problems we're having in this country lately: illegal immigration, hurricane recovery, alligators attacking people in Florida

Not me. I concentrate on solutions for the problems. It's a win-win situation.
+ Dig a moat the length of the Mexican border.
+ Send the dirt to New Orleans to raise the level of the levies.
+ Put the Florida alligators in the moat along the Mexican border.

Any other problems you would like for me to solve today ?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Unimportant but Fun Details

i am: excited
i think: life is pretty great right
i know: i'm actually going to make it even though somedays it sucks
i want: to go to bed at a decent time
i have: allergies
i wish: i found a brown bag with a million dollars in it
i dislike: mushrooms
i miss: my roobox, simplicity
i fear: that my food will touch when it's all on the same plate
i feel: a little complacent
i hear: the news
i smell: fresh country air
i crave: medium rare steak
i usually: am not even home by now
i search: on my GPS for places i already know how to get to
i wonder: about the millennium all the time
i regret: too many things
i love: my job, my friends, my kids, my phone, the beach, shark week, movies,
i care: too much
i always: wonder whats playing at the movie theater
i worry: that i will do something stupid and not be able to work
i am not: fake
i remember: life being much simpler
i believe: i can fly, i can touch the sky.. someday
i dance: like nobody is watching.. really it's not pretty
i sing: every thing, and not just songs
i don’t always: eat my veggies
i argue: if the world would listen to me, it would be a better place..
i write: stories in my head
i win: at skipbo all the time
i lose: at skipbo every time i play jess (you suck jk)
i never: can sleep on anything but a bed.
i listen: to only 2 of the 7 voices in my head
i don't understand: why the book had to suck
i can usually be found: at work not working
i am scared: of everyone seeing i'm not that great.. cuz i'm really not..
i need: to be frugal
i forget: to feed my fish jack
i am happy about: all of my bills being paid already and it's only the 7th

I'm supposed to tag some people, i would love it if everyone did it so you're more than welcome but off the top of my head: Jessie, Amy, Steph

Monday, August 4, 2008



Just another warning my thoughts are kind of sporadic and
jumbled but i've needed to get this out for a few days!

I have read the first 3 books SEVERAL times. Finally the 4th and final book to this incredible saga was in my hands. The whole thing was surreal. I was so excited to jump into this vampire world one last and final times. I was dying for a whole new experience with my vampire friends. I was so excited when EVERYTHING went PERFECT for Bella's wedding. Bella even enjoyed herself which, lets be honest.. that's a shocker. I was so glad when the sexual tension was over.. and then.. it wasn't.

I have read theory after theory, i have tried to come up with my own theories and never in a MILLION years would i have guess that Bella and Edward could REPRODUCE?? Are you kidding me? WHO KNEW?? I loved it! I know a lot of people have issues with it because, Edward is technically dead, but here's my thoughts on that, Seriously, you are reading a book where vampires and werewolves exist, you can't say "it's not possible" vampires aren't possible, werewolves aren't possible! Sit back and enjoy the ride.
I hated the name Renesme.. what kind of a name is that?? Dumb! Her middle name was Carlie, they should have gone with that! Overall, here was my main problem with this book. There was no magic. It was too easy for Bella to become a vampire. I'm not saying that her child trying to bite it's way out of her stomach isn't rough but come on. She wasn't outta control like vampires are supposed to be. She didn't have to really sacrifice anything to become what she is. She still has Charlie and Rene in her life, she still has Jacob. It was almost boring it was so simple.
When we were reading from Jacobs point of view, we learned a lot about Leah and Seth. What was the point of that? What happened with Leah, Jacob imprinted so what is Leah gonna do? Not that i really care that much but Stephenie let us get to know these characters pretty good but then left us hanging as to what happened with them next..
There was such an intense atmosphere that was created when all these other vampires showed up to the Cullens with their different talents to be witness' for the child (i refuse to say her name) but those vampires knew, we knew that there was a possibility of a fight, some expected that fight. Some things are worth fight for! (wow.. sorry that's so cliche) I loved where Garrett gave his whole speech on their freedoms as a vampires and what their rights are and who are the Volturi to try and take away their free will. But.. after that speech, where was the fight? Where was the battle to truly struggle for those rights? How many times have we heard story from of our Nation's battles for freedom, where men and woman have died, have offered their lives to give us our liberties. WHERE WAS THAT?
There wasn't the passion for life, or for the vampire life, there wasn't the passion for each other. I felt that she wrote too much about nothing and not enough about everything else. It was frustrating. It's not nothing comparable to the other books. Stephenie Meyer could have done better. It was so unsatisfying!