Tuesday, September 30, 2008


On Sunday at church. They told us we were going to have a pod (a group of 5 branches that we do activities with) fireside. The didn't tell us who was going to be speaking but they told us to bring our scriptures and a pen and notebook, they also told us to stand when this person came in.

I NEVER go to firesides.. I'm not a fireside kinda girl, but i got the impression that this was going to be someone fairly important and kind of a big deal. So i went. I piled into Lyssa's Tahoe with 3 19yr old boys and 2 19yr old girls. (i felt ancient) It was actually kinda fun! It took me back to the good ol' days when i went to firesides and church activities.

So we got there 30 minutes early and the place was packed. Apparently everyone else had the same impression i did. So we waited and then finally he walked in. We all rose to our feet to show him and the priesthood keys he bears respect. I had never been so close to a true apostle of the Lord. The power and spirit of the Lord was radiating from Elder Bednar.

It was by far the best fireside I've ever been to. It was a question and answer session! How great is that?? With an apostle.. Freaking amazing! INCREDIBLE! We were there for 2 1/2-ish hrs and the spirit was just as strong at the end of the meeting as it was when Elder Bednar walked through those chapel doors.

Not that i ever doubted that Elder Bednar was an apostle of the Lord but Sunday night my faith and testimony was strengthen and confirmed. I believe with every fiber of my being the Elder David A. Bednar is in fact a true apostle of the Lord and i was humbled just to be in his presence.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Love

So last Saturday i was at walmart with Kylee and Alyssa

They were picking pictures to develop. Unfortunately that is right by the cameras. Last March (i think) while in Boise, i lost my beloved camera at the Idaho Center at State wrestling (yeah John V). I was so sad and still have been cuz it was a GREAT camera! Oh how i loved it! So the cameras were RIGHT there while Ky and Lyss were getting pics.... Temptation got the best of me and i started looking! My last camera was a Nikon COOLPIX and i loved it. (Jess just got one) i found a Kodak EASYSHARE and really started to like it. So i told Lyss and Ky too HURRY because i was starting to fall in love with this camera and if we didn't leave i would buy it. Ky said OK WE'RE ALMOST DONE! I PROMISE!! 10 minutes later i was walking down the isles of walmart with my brand new PINK Kodak EASYSHARE M1033! LOVE IT!!

Let me remind you it's PINK!
Ky and Lyss are the culprits i take no blame
or spending money on this beloved camera!

Ever since i was 18 I've had gray hair! I know right it's not fair! (Bishop Oldham always tells me to quit complaining about my gray hair cuz he doesn't want to hear it! He's all gray and has been for some time!) But 18 seriously! I've always gone to the same person for hair my entire life EXCEPT when i lived in Provo and CINDY did it! I always tell Vicki that i don't care what color we do, just cover up my gray! I'm kinda a Guinea pig for her! She thinned it a little and then colored it! And i LOVE IT!
I added the pink myself!

I feel whole again with Pink hair!
Life is just more complete with it! LOVE IT!

I've been wanting a printer to hook up to my camera for a long time! Long before i lost my first camera! Today, i marched in to walmart and i bought one! and guess what! I LOVE IT!

Here is is hard a work! And no the picture isn't blurry! I took this with my cell phone and it's not the greatest at taking pictures! (Hence buying a new one!) Roo can you tell what pic it is???

My camera!
My printer!
And my hair!
The new loves of my life!
What else could a girl ask for?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Only In Idaho

So yesterday, i was chatting with Dr. N receptionist and she showed me something pretty gross and disturbing but yet, extremely funny! I swear.. Only in Idaho would this make the news!

There aren't Words!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pet Peeve of the Day!

Oh heck where to start! Real quick for a little background information, I work at a chiropractic office. I'm a massage therapist there. 3 days a week i work for J. Adam Cleverley, i take patients back put them on therapies, do spot work, answer phones, blah blah blah. Our receptionist has been there a little over a year. She is a super fun sweet (when she wants to be) person. We rarely hangout out side of work cuz out lifestyles are so different but we always have a good time and i consider her a good friend.

This last weekend she and her boyfriend (who she lives with) broke up (technically I'm not supposed to know that). She told pretty much everyone that comes into the office but she hasn't told me, or Adam. She has no problem talking about it to patients or the mail lady, just not me. So whatever. Not a big deal. I think she is afraid that i will say "I told you so." Not gonna lie, i might think it but i wouldn't say it. Adam and I both told her not to move in with him, that it would turn out badly. Maybe that's why we "don't know."

So the last 2 days she's been really down and grumpy, which i don't blame her (don't bring it to work PLEASE). Yesterday i went to Seagull book ( i just go the wonderful calling of Sunday School Teacher) while i was wondering around i saw a book called THE RACE. It's just a short little poem about a boy who runs a race, a good little motivational pick me up story. The thought popped into my head, huh, i should get that for Albany, maybe it would help make her feel better. It was only $2.99 so i bought it and on my way to work today i stopped and picked up some peanut M&M's and a Mountain Dew, put it all in a cute little bag and wrote her a little note to cheer her up. Well it worked a little. She was a little more cheerful and positive.

Later that afternoon, my brother was coming in. I warned her that he would be at least 15 minutes late, they are always late, love them to death but that is just something they struggle with, i could careless. he was scheduled at 4:45 and at 4:55 he wasn't there yet, so i called him and he told me he was 3 miles away. Very promptly at 5pm, Albany locked the door and my brother still wasn't there yet, and Dr. Nelson still had patients coming in. I said to her,
"When my brother gets here, I'm letting him in."
"Fine, but don't you think Adam wants to get home too? I just think it's rude." She answered right back to me.
"It will be OK Albany" was all i said, I wanted to say, Let me go ask Adam what he thinks. But i didn't.

Since i knew Dr. N. still had patients and my brother was still coming, i unlocked the door when she was in the back. (HAHA) When my brother got there i took him back and put him on the roller table and chatted with him for a few minutes. Adam was still with patients, had my brother been on time, he still would have had to wait. (Not to justify his actions. That's just the truth) While we were chatting Albany left and Adam came in to adjust him. While he was in there i went out and talked to Steph, Dr. N's receptionist. She told me that Albany was really mad at me because i unlocked the door. She said that i always let my family come in when ever they want. (my family RARELY comes in, and when they do, i tell them to make an appointment). Steph said back to Albany, "Why don't you just ask Amber to stay since she made the appointment and it's her brother?" Albany replied, "She always throws a fit when i ask her stay."

Ok, really? Really? First of all, I'm ALWAYS at the office. I'm there more than i am anywhere else. Yesterday, i was done at 4. i could have left the office at 4pm. Guess what time i left... 6pm! I stayed there by my own free will, i wanted to be. There's not many places I'd rather be than at the office. I've written that on my blog, not directly but hinted at it! 5th from the bottom, I Usually: can be found at work not working. I could go on forever about my irritation on this subject for an entire hour but i won't.

Here's my problem, I knew she was struggling and having a hard time. What did i do? I went out of my way and did something nice for her. It was only $10 but the principle is still the same. I should know better. One of the things that i dislike(hate is a strong word) about myself is that I'm a nice person. Don't get me wrong, i can be a total mean awful person too, but i try to make it a point to be a nice and happy person. Well shame on me! In the end I'm the one who gets screwed! Maybe that's something i can work on. Can you find a book that helps you become a meaner person? Maybe i should write one! =)

Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Over

Well after 2 weeks my favorite Tennis Grand Slam is over! Which I'm sure everyone who knows me is grateful cuz I'll FINALLY stop talking about it! It was one heck of a ride though! Man i love tennis! So....

Congrats to:
The Bryan Brothers (USA)

Serena Williams (USA)
(who beat out her sister to make it the semifinals)

And of course Roger Federer (SUI)
probably (in my humble opinion) the greatest
tennis player this sport have ever seen!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

If You DISH It, Learn To TAKE It

So I'm not sure I've mentioned that I'm a HUGE tennis fan. If you aren't a tennis fan.. keep reading (Karissa) because i think you'll find this story pretty funny!

I have been searching for a few videos on YOUTUBE. i thought they had everything on there but i haven't been able to find some interviews with Andy Roddick.

I had to add the pic in case you didn't remember who he was

unfortunately, this was the only one i could find! BUMMER!!

He is DAMN funny! He always has the funniest and quickest comebacks. There are 2 interviews that i was rolling on the floor laughing. (It's not just cuz i think he's hot either).

I have point i promise. Let me start by telling you about Novak Djokovic.

He's from Serbia and has earned the #3 seed in the world. I've always thought him to be a pretty cool calm and collected and a humble guy. He is always doing impressions of other tennis players and to me has seemed to have a good sense of humor!

So Djokovic played a match on Tuesday and he was complaining of a sprained ankle (both) he was cramping, his back hurt, he was tired and worn out, blah blah blah.. After he finished the match, Djokovic said, "In my next match i promise, my opponent(Andy) will be more healthy than me." And again was talking about what was hurting and how he was just worn out. Andy being the funny guy that he is had a great response when asked if he thought Djokovic was faking. I have haven't been able to find just that clip, but i have his whole interview, if you can, skip to 4:55 and it ends about 5:25, i promise, it's hilarious! Click the WATCH NOW link.

Still makes me bust a but every time i hear it. I wonder if i could record it and set it as a ringtone. My favorite it when he says, "common cough and cold" Just the he says it is killer!

Anyways sadly Andy Roddick didn't play his best tennis tonight and lost. Djokovic in his post match interview was an absolute ass on national television about the comments Andy had made. He said obviously he wasn't injured cuz look who won the match. He just had a holier than thou attitude and tried to piss off the New York crowd on purpose. I would have paid a lot of money to be there in Arthur Ashe Stadium and BOO him along with everyone else. He was just an arrongant jerk. Heres the video. The crowd did not like him!

My main point is, Djokovic can make fun of all the other tennis players mock them and imitate them, but when someone dishes it back, he cries like a little baby and makes himself look like a complete idiot. I ALWAYS give credit where credit it due. Djokovic played great tennis tonight but honestly, i think he's an arrogant baby and i hope Roger Federer kicks the crap out him! I hope it's not a tennis match at all. I hope Federer absolutely slaughters him. It'll be a better final if its the worlds #1 and #2 anyways!

Thanks for reading! Nobody gets or loves tennis as i do. I just needed to get this off my chest!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So today, i was looking through the news paper. I usually just read through the sports page to see if there is a good tennis story (have i mention i loved tennis) i want to cut out and put in my journal. Today.. well today was different... Today i sat down and read the FAMILY section of the paper. There was an article entitled, "The Incredible Shrinking Food Packages" (of course, it was about food!). It was an interesting article. Down at the bottom there was a little section called THAT'S ODD. Usually the THAT'S ODD portion of the paper is at least a paragraph of something funny and odd that has happened somewhere in the world. Today, it was just two lines, it read: Tokyo police arrested a 20-year-old man for mugging two men while dressed as Winnie-the-Pooh.
That should make EVERY ONES day!