Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Sizzler has a deal running this week, kids eat free if they're dressed up in a Halloween costume. Cute huh? So, my big brother J.T. had the idea that all of us should go, Klarice and Brian and their kids, Chris and Renee and their kids, mom and dad and grandma. Not a bad idea. We don't get together that often (honestly, if we didn't get together eat, we probably wouldn't get together). Any who, So we are at Sizzler, the kids are all dressed up in Halloween attire and looking cute and scary. I ordered a Steakhouse cut steak and then got the salad bar (i planned on eating my steak the next day! I'm my fathers daughter). The place was packed first of all so it took a super long time to get around the salad bar. ? I decided to start out with a salad (it being a salad bar and all) and then i planned on coming back for some pizza and some soup and some fruit. I finally sat down with my fam and started mixing my salad together. There really wasn't much too it, just some lettuce, tomatoes and some ranch. I took a couple bites with chatting with everyone when i bit into a strange texture, not a texture I'd never felt before but i texture that didn't belong in a salad. I took a few chomps at thinking maybe I'd lost mind. I finally pulled this nasty.. whatever it was out of my mouth and looked at it and i started stretching it, yep sure enough there was some ALREADY BEEN CHEWED GUM in my salad. Are you kidding me?
Klarice looked at me and said, "What is that?" I replied "ALREADY BEEN CHEWED GUM IN MY SALAD!" Of course everyone thought it was hilarious and laughed. All i could do was hold this nastification in awe. Then J.T. comes with a HUGE heaping plate of salad (it was HUGE), he sat down and began to dig in when Paula elbowed him and pointed at me. "Whats that?" he so intelligently inquired. "ALREADY BEEN CHEWED GUM IN MY SALAD!" I yelled once again. Our waitress walked by with a tray full stuff and i asked her if she would come talk to me when she had delivered her drinks and things. She came over and i held up this repulsive treasure i found and said to her, "ALREADY BEEN CHEWED GUM IN MY SALAD!" She immediately started apologizing and ran and grabbed her manager. To make a long story a little less long, they gave me a refund and $20 worth of gift certificates back to Sizzler. Not really sure how soon I'll be going back there!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

21, Again

It's become a tradition that i go somewhere fun for my birthday, last year i went to Vegas with Jess and Roo, this year i went to Provo! A lot of people have told me that Provo Utah it quite a step down from Las Vegas, but i would disagree. I wanted to eat at Kneaders and see my bishop! I got both my birthday wishes!

Here are some pics from my fabulous weekend!On the Road

Smith & Edwards (weird store!)

My Sister in Law Wendy made me a cake!
7 Min. frosting.. AMAZING!!

Me& Hyrum! How cute is he??

I got to put Isaac to bed!! He's adorable!

Hyrum would not take a picture with out the pumpkin.

On the Road home! I've censored this pictures quite a bit
all the crazy things we did and took pics of i decided they will stay hidden!

Then we stopped at temple square!
You can never have too many pics of the temple!

I didn't know i was supposed to wear jeans!

How cool is this picture its in the reflection pool


I've never really thought that i know a lot of weird people or that weird things happen to me, but when i was in Provo a few weeks ago talking with my dear friend Crystal, she helped me come to the conclusion that i do know quite a few random and weird people and strange things happen to me! Here is an example:

On Tuesday, i went to the Firth Volleyball game, very unwillingly i might add. My mom was there and i don't like to leave her places very long while she's by herself. While i was there, I saw Vicki, she does my hair and we were talking about a new haircut style (sorry Jess, but i really hate it). While i was standing in off to the side of these doors, this cute girl (who was a freshman in high school i found out later) came up to me and gave me a huge hug and said, "Amber you are one of my favorite people, i just admire you and look up to you so much." I smiled and said thank you. I asked who she was and she didn't answer. Her friend was standing next her look at me like i was the crazy one in this picture, and said "Who the heck is she?" She let go of me and looked at me with this huge smile and said, "That's Amber, she's Mrs. Tucker sister-in-law." (my sister-in-law is a teacher at Firth) and then this cute girl, walked away from me!

Really are you kidding me?? Who the heck are you?? Later i found out her name and got some sort of an idea of who she is. Not so sure what i did to impress her but I'll try and keep up whatever I'm doing. So two points were proved with this strange scene, that odd ball things do indeed happen to me quite often, and more importantly, we never know who is watching us, we never know when they are watching us, we never know who we might influence just doing what we do and being who we are. Just food for thought!


This is too funny! I couldn't keep it to myself!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Raising the Bar

When Karissa and LaCindy lived together, they used dry/erase markers and left each others messages on their bathroom mirror or on each others full length mirrors in their rooms. I was so jealous that my two best friends got to live together! (totally beside the point)

A while ago i started writing things on my mirror. For example, i would write things i need to work on like reading my scriptures, praying, going to the temple etc. I would also write a different quote every month. Some of them were serious, some.. not so much. This weekend there was a lot of traffic at my house and the kids decided they wanted to draw on my mirror. So i let them. All weekend they were in and out of the bathroom drawing pictures. Sunday, after everyone was gone, this is what was left on my mirror:

Malorie drew this beautiful picture
Not really sure who it is but.. it's just tender!

Michael (who is like 30) Put this
"If i could be like Mike!" It should say
"I don't wanna be like Mike!"

Cute Zak drew a self portrait
Pretty incredible, looks just like him!

Then Todd, Oh funny Toddy boy. He drew this picture:
I was a little confused, i didn't know what it meant,
then next to it he wrote this
It's the small and simple things!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I can hear the bells

Wedding bells! Congrats Trevor and Kylie!!! Yeah!!! I can't believe my cousin who is 6 years younger than me is married!!! WOW!!!

Cameron was his best man!
I love this cake! So cute!
Gross! Stop it!
I was zoomed in a little TOO much!
How cute are we though!

Short but Sweet

I took a very brief trip to Provo 2 weekends ago ( i know i suck at posting blogs!) It was such a fun trip. I got there at 9ish Friday night. I stayed with my good friend Crystal Brinkerhoff. (i know how awesome is her last name? It freaking rocks!) I haven't seen her in about 18 months! They moved to Texas blah blah and they moved back! I'm so happy! We stayed up until 2am just catching up! LOVED IT! Saturday we just hung out and talked and played with the boys! They are so big! I remember when Isaac was born! Well i remember when all of them were born but WOW! They are so funny! They're always up to something!

Isaac walking around on top of the car

Jack wanting to drive it around

Cute Little William

Nice Shades!!!

Then i headed out for the wedding reception (the whole reason i went.) for my good friend Boyce. (CONGRATS again Boyce)

Then it was off to dinner with Brady and Wendy and the boys at Sonic (are you kidding?) But was i was fun to see them! Hyrum is so cute and freakin hilarious! Isaac is so cute! I was able to rock him to sleep and put him to bed! Gosh it was fun! Then i headed for home! I pulled into my drive way 2am Sunday morning! I love trips to Provo!

Gosh they are so cute!!! They must take after me!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Favorite Number is

32, it's really embarrassing to admit the reason 32 is my favorite number. When i loved Shaquille O'Neal he was #32 on the Orlando Magic NBA team.. yeah i know! I don't think i could name 32 thing in all these categories so I'll name 10.

10 T.V. Shows i love to watch
1. One Tree Hill
2. Greys Anatomy
3. The Office
4. Friends
5. Will and Grace
6. Dirty Jobs
7. Myth Busters
8. The Weather (Local 8s on the 8)
9. Lingo
10. TMZ

10. things that happened yesterday
1. Cat fight
2. i got rejected 4 times (for apartments)
3. Adam and Lana bought me lunch
4. JohnV, Michael and I watched the office
5. i threw a pen
6. I ate 3 bowls of honeycomb cereal
7. my phone died
8. Karissa told me some pretty incredible gossip
9. Michael wrote on me.
10. i got off work and hour and half early

10 favorite places to eat
1. Kneaders
2. Chilis
3. Geraldines
4. bajio
5. Texas Roadhouse
6. Sconecutters
7. Tuccanos
8. Red Robin
9. Quiznos
10. Baja Fresh

10 things i look forward to
1. My own place
2. a solid base clientele
3. seeing Roo again
5. Not having my church calling
6. sleep
7. The Harry Potter Movie
8. Going to New York someday
9. Going to Venice someday
10. Not having to think of 10 things!

10 things on my wish list
1. money
2. A million dollars
3. Win the lottery
4. Andy Roddick beating Roger Federer
5. My Own House
6. the fall to stay forever
7. Adam finding a good receptionist that will stay
8.James Blake
9. a new laptop
10. going to the US Open

10 people i tag
1. Klarice
2. Alyssa
3. Jess
4. Steph
5. Amy
6. Jan
7. La
8. Darleen
9 . Sam
10. Mindy