Thursday, July 30, 2009

My Sanctuary

The greatest place in the world is near Leadore, Idaho. You drive down 18 mile road for about 4 or 5 miles( really i don't have a clue how far you drive) and you find the most beautiful camp spot. It's at the base of a mountain and a creek name Hawley runs through it! It's amazing! I was there for 4 days last week. I could live there forever.. except the winters.. and when i ran outta food.. so i could live there for a short time!

This is my very organized tent.. it stayed that way the WHOLE TIME!!

I decided that i would pick out one thing that happened each day that was my favorite and blog about it!

Day One: Was Tuesday night. Last year, i took my dad's lantern. I accidentally broke the glass when i pulled it out to check it and make sure it was OK before i left. So i bought another one. 8.88 at Wal-Mart. When i got to my glorious campsite last year.. i somehow broke the glass on Chris' lantern so, i gave him the glass from mine. So this year.. I bought a new glass to replace what i broke last year. I was so excited to be there and very proud that i could light my lantern by myself. As i pulled the lantern from my car, i noticed too late that it wasn't latched just right and CRASH the lantern fell out of it's casing and yep, you guess it the glass broke! At the time i was not happy, but i didn't curse!!

Day Two: I love to fish! I catch em and let em go! That's how i do things. The fishing this year was AWFUL! I usually catch anywhere between 20-30ish fish in just a few days time. Chris usually caught 40-60 fish. I remember one year he caught 65 fish! Yes we let most of them go! Anywho... Chris very kindly kicked my air mattress Wednesday morning and asked if i wanted to go to Big Bear Creek. Of course said yes and hopped up chipper as can be that i was awake. We fished and failed... nobody caught a thing. We were walking back up to Chris' truck and he got the great idea to try and catch some grasshopper, thinking that the fish might bite at them. So here is a grown man of 36ish yrs old running and hopping around in big black rubber boots and stomping like a 5 yr old trying to catch "hoppers" as he so juvenilely (i know that's not a word!)put it. Sadly i didn't have my camera!

Also on Wednesday my parents came up. So we took this picture in front of the outhouse to send to John V and tell him "IT STINKS NOT HAVING YOU HERE!" Oh what clever and witty people we are. Kaylene took the picture with her camera by setting it on timer.. so i thought it would be funny to take a picture of her trying to haul bootie up the hill so she was in the picture too.. I must say.. i did a pretty dang good job! =)

Day Three: I was supposed to leave this day and not come back, so Toddly and i hiked halfway up this mountain next to "Indian Rock" (a rock that looks like an Indian's profile). To take pictures of our camp. IT took us about 5 minutes to actually get up there. I paused for a moment to truly take in God's country.. It was breath taking. These pictures do not do it justice!

Hyrum liked hanging out with Hawley the dog (Todd and Cody's dog).
He did everything she did!

The rest of these are just a few snap shots! I love the mountains! I love the rolling hills! I love the earth!
Jason fishing! Again fishing was awful!
Oh Boy was it DIRTY!!!!
Ike had enough after 4 days in the wilderness!!
I couldn't get enough of it! I was sad i had to come home and shower!
How cute are these faces?!?!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Too Funny!

I love the song Hey There Delilah! Here is Mormon style: I'm at the MTC! Enjoy! It made my night!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Glenn Freakin Beck

On Saturday, i was planning on going to Firth to kick it with the kids and go swimming. I knew Jana wasn't there so i text messaged Klarice,
" Hey are you going to moms so the kids can swim?" Klarice sent back to me, " I just dropped the kids off at mom's but I'm at this Glenn Beck thing. Brian is doing security for it."


Klarice responded: "I just found out that he was coming last night, tickets were $60.

In tears i sent back to her, "Oh if you get to meet him, get his autograph for me. Tell him that i love it when he swears on show. Tell me that he's so funny and i love him."

Klarice very kindly called me a dork and said she'd do what she could. Less than 5 minutes later she called me, "How quickly can you be here?" I screamed into the phone "10 minutes, give me 10 minutes."

10 minutes later i was in the Civic auditorium waiting for Glenn Beck. Gosh he's so funny! He even said a few things that got the wheels in my head turning!

So afterwards Klarice and Brian were my ride home, so I'm just sitting there chilling with all the officer that were there. I was standing against the stage talking to Klarice when lo and behold Glenn Freaking Beck came walking down the stairs from backstage. I smiled like a fat kid on her birthday. He looked at me and smiled back and touched my hand and said Hi. I text messaged everyone i could and told them Glenn Freakin' Beck just said hi to me! He then came back by and shook the hands of all the officers. I begged Brian to ask for his autograph cuz i couldn't do it. It was too scary. Then he stood right in front of me. again smiling like an idiot, he said Hi, and i asked if he would sign my journal. He said, "Of course, what's your name?" I responded and then almost shouted at him, " I love it when you swear on your show." He looked up at me and smiled a little and said, "I"m not sure that's what i want people to love about me." I kind of giggled and said, "Oh that's just my Favorite part!!" He handed my journal back and i said thank you and he smiled and nodded.

I always swore I'd never be one of those star-struck freaks if ever i met anyone.. That had freak written all over it! Oh wells! I got Glenn Freakin' Becks autograph!!!