Thursday, May 21, 2009

Karissa was here!!

So, my bestest friend in the whole wide world came to see me! We had a blast. I haven't written any thing under the pictures cuz what more needs to be said than...


These pictures do not do the fun we had justice!
Thanks for coming friend!! Love ya!! See ya soon !

Monday, May 18, 2009

Idaho Falls Sand Dunes

This is a blog Karissa wrote! I'm just cutting and pasting! Enjoy!

So...Am and I woke up this morning looking for adventure. We discussed options over french toast and bacon and finally decided to take a cardboard box to the sand dunes and sled down them...x games style. When we pulled up, we realized we had about 10 years on everyone there.

We felt like idiots...but when does that ever stop us?


Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Anne's Birthday

Happy Birthday Anne Kelly

Emille Making the Hostess cupcake Cake
Anne loves them!

I got scolded for eating them!! =)
Who can resist them??

How creative are we??

We love you Anne!!

A day for Mothers.. I'm not one! (Praise the Almighty)

Here are a few pictures from Mothers day! It was a busy yet fun day at the Tucker house hold!

Emilie holding Monroe (Kaylenes baby)

Aspen and i on the tramp

Team 1 Playing Evy Ivy Over Head

Em and Jess
Spectators of Evy Ivy Over Head

Team B
Honestly everyone switched teams so
much we don't really know who won!!

Coal AKA Dumbo

A rough game of .. well... something

Doggie pile on Todd??

Take a break after a Long hard day of playing!

Happy Mothers day Mom's!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's Over!!

So the last month-ish i have been dating a boy! I didn't want to write anything on here cuz, i didn't know where it was going and what i thought of things. Now that it's over i have no problem writing about it!

I met this boy "through a friend." (I use that term very loosely). We text for about a week and had our first date on.. oh heck i don't know what day it was. We decided on dinner at T. Roadhouse and of course on a Friday night the place was packed. Not gonna lie, at first WAY awkward. It was hard to have a conversation with somebody when there is a hundred other people around. After we were sat at our table conversation was not a problem. We talked about random things, nothing serious just small tidbits of information. We went to my apartment and watched a movie.. well we didn't really watch them we talked. YES WE ONLY TALKED!! ...and cuddled a little. It was a pretty fun night.

Ok.. here's a pic of us... yeah blah blah we're cute..he's cute but, how cute do i look??
Seriously!! My hair looks amazing and that green shirt.. ggrr baby ggrrrr!

I didn't have any sort of overwhelming feelings that suggested "HE'S THE ONE!" I just had fun.. that was pretty much it. So We had a 2nd date. I went to his house and we went to dinner and watched a movie. (starting to see a pattern?) I left at 4 am. We had our first kiss. It was fun.

Shortly after that i started to freak out. I started being really nit picky about him. That's my defense mechanism. I sabotage before things can get too far or there is the possibility of me getting hurt.(Thanks Texas) So i had "little birdies" in my ears reminding me to be "out of the box" and not be judgemental. Which was good but it got to the point where i needed to take a step back and really decided what i liked about this boy... In all honesty, i couldn't think of one thing (still can't) that i liked about him. I could think of 50 things i didn't like about him, some legit and some not.

Overall i think this was a learning experience for me. It was been 6 yrs since my last date. (my definition of a date) I have been reminded as to why i don't date! It sucks. It's a game. You both are trying so hard to impress one another and in the end you both come up short. At least with this brief "relationship" i learned that I need someone who is fun and funny, also someone who thinks I'm funny. Who the hell would think I'm not funny?? I am funny! I know I'm funny!

I'm grateful for the experiences and that it ended on good terms.. but I'm super grateful it's over! No more dating for me, I've met my quota for the next 6 years!!