Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What not to SAY..

Here is a picture of my roommate Emile and I. This was taken about 2 weeks ago before we headed out to a singles dance (barf). We're both looking pretty good! I had just gotten home from camping that evening so i was tired but Em convinced me to go the dumb dance. Totally not important.

Last Sunday, Chris and Renee blessed their new baby Cameron Tate. He's so cute!! He's growing up too quick already! Em decided to go with me to the blessing. It was a 9:30 in St. Anthony. I was pretty sure I'd been to their church before, but i called Renee and got directions just in case. I knew exactly where i was going. So i thought. We got there 20 minutes early so we took a short nap in the car then headed in. 5 minutes before church started i realized no one from my family was there and clearly we were in the wrong church. Needless to say i was IRATE. 20 minutes early to the wrong church.. really?!? I was tired and hungry (fast Sunday) and i had no clue where to go! Finally i figured it out and We walked into the chapel just as the blessing ended! I was LIVID! So i sat there through Sacrament meeting fuming. I made comments to Em here and there, i was so frustrated i couldn't even write in my journal. As time went on my attitude soften, but i was still mad. The closing song was 'How Great Thou Art' (I love that song) so i was defiantly feeling better!

After the closing prayer i stood up and this lady turned around to me. She was wearing a black and red silk blouse with a black skirt. She said to me, "I don't believe I've met you before, What is your name?" Of course the first thing i think is Amber, why can't you keep your dumb mouth closed and not draw attention to yourself?!? I smile as nicely as i can considering my mood, and say to her, "I"m Chris' sister Amber." She looked at me puzzled, "Chris?" How many Chris's are there really?! "Chris Tucker, the Chris of Chris and Renee Tucker." The light bulb flickered on, "Oh Chris, I just love him i used to work at the school with him." I smiled and nodded in all the right places and oh and ah-ed for her. Then she pointed at Emile and said, "So is this your daughter?" What are you kidding me? MY DAUGHTER?!?!?! Really?!? I look like i could have a 30 year old?!?! I blurted out, "She's my roommate." The lady felt very embarrassed and quickly changed the subject to how great Chris and Renee are.. Really?! Really?! Emilie is 2 1/2 years older than me... We're the same age!! My daughter!?! I was not in a mood to be trifled with.. Really?!?! Are you kidding me?! I just walked away. She was very lucky we were in church.. Pretty sure she wouldn't be alive had that been said anywhere else. You would think the PINK streak in my hair would have tipped her off..

Later at dinner as I retell this tale to my family, my dear sister Jana says to me, "Well Amber, maybe it's that gray hair you have." Talk about kicking my while I'm down!

I've made a decision. I'm cutting my hair.. and coloring it!