Friday, November 21, 2008

Not Dazzled


So, I don't have a clue where to start this blog. I have so many thoughts and irritations. I wrote a blog last May entitled An Obsession, about Twilight and my love for the books. In August after the 4th and final book came out i wrote a blog entitled, Unsatisfied, it was about my disappointment in the finale of Twilight legacy. In all honesty after reading the 4th book i actually lost my passion for Twilight, i don't talk about it nearly as much as i used to. I've read Twilight 12 times, I loved that book but after Breaking Dawn it just wasn't the same. So, naturally, i have been concerned about the movie but I've tried to not read anything about it, I tried to not watch the trailers a zillion, or any interviews with Stephenie Meyer or the other actors. I wanted to go into the movie with no Expectations.

I bought tickets about 2 weeks ago to the midnight showing. I walked into the theater last night, and waited for a solid 2 1/2 hours. Klarice and i had a good chat about our personality colors and our birth order ( a new book i got) and how where you are born in your family can effect who you are. Interesting. Michelle tried to take a nap cuz she had to get up for basketball practice at 5am. The other girls chatted and texted. It was a great time!

Finally the previews started (they are my favorite! Coming Soon are the worst 2 words in the English language). There are some super fun movies coming out soon! Then it began, there was Bella, there was charlie, there was Mike, Eric, Jessica, Lauren, and then.. there was the Cullens.

Needless to say, I did not like the movie. I felt i went into the movie with an open and objective mind. In the very beginning the acting was not good! I had a hard time not laughing out loud hen Edward catches her scent for the first time, he looks like he might vomit, he's supposed to want to jump her and kill her and suck blood, not throw up.. As the movie went on I do think the acting improved. I can deal with bad acting in a movie. That's not my biggest problem.

Stephenie Meyer was way too involved in the making of this movie. I know that it was important to her that they stick the book. I would agree. It's important to stay as close to the real thing as possible. With that, they tried too hard to fit EVERYTHING in the movie. It moved so quickly, it jumped from scene to scene to scene and then.. it was over. Some of the cinematography killed me. The scenes were really choppy. Again not my biggest problem with the movie.

Before book 4, as i have mentioned, i was obsessed with Twilight, i have all sorts of things in my journal of icons and pictures, and quotes from the books. I was sickly obsessed. I know several people who haven't read the book and they don't understand how i could be so addicted to a book, a fictional book, a book about a vampire. My hope for this movie was, for people who have not read this book, to watch the movie and understand, maybe not completely, but gain a small idea of what it is that attracts all of us crazies to this story.

So what is it exactly that is so captivating? What is it that we love? Well obviously i don't speak for everyone but in my humble yet professional opinion its Edward. (DUH) We are able to read the very intimate details of how Bella and Edward fall dangerously and obsessively in love with one another. I have never read a book where you can literally feel the chemistry, the electricity from the characters as you can in Twilight. We become just as
dazzled by Edward as Bella does.

We watch Edward push himself far and beyond what he and any of his family member thought possible. He risks Bella's life every second they are together and yet we watch him get more daring by quickly brushing his hand down her cheek when he walked her to Gym, they have a moment where their faces are literally inches from each other, they hold hands and cuddle at the meadows, and finally the prolonged, hesitant and soft kiss, that was steamier than any kiss I've ever had (Not that that's saying much).

The movie shifts so quickly we miss those important details. Yes, we as avid and devoted fans of Twilight, know and understand how their lives become strangely entangled. They literally become so distressed just being away from each other, they can't function. What about those who don't know?? What about those who haven't read the book. They miss out on the whole Twilight experience.

Stephenie Meyer (and the whole kit and crew that comes with this movie) had such an opportunity to help the doubters and the unbelievers get a small glimpse of a world that is completely unreal but yet utterly addicting and full of passion.

I don't know.. i think they were so worried about making money and putting the movie out while the 'Twilight-Bug' was still hot that they screwed up something that could have dazzled everyone!

I know you're wondering, was it worth it? For sure, I was able to have my own opinion before it was tainted by what others could have told me!

2 outta 5 waffles!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Karissa Janelle Box-Lemme

She really doesn't hyphenate her name... i just do it cuz it makes her name longer! Any who.. this is why i love her!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


There is a few things in life I've always been accused of. Anytime these certain accusations come around, my name will always be involved. It's definitely a good thing! Though it can cause some issues in my life. I am a fun person! I do fun things! I come up with fun ideas! Not to mention I am FUNNY! I'm happy and carefree and spontaneous. Things i don't mind being being blamed of at all.

At the office we've always talked about the Color Code Personality test. When issues or drama arises we often talk of the clashing of our different color personalities and how we need to learn to adjust to the way other colors handle certain situations.

Last summer, (i think) i took the test, knowing full well that i was a YELLOW. What i didn't realize is exactly how YELLOW i am. I had 27 YELLOW 11 whites 4 blues and 4 reds. I'm over the top YELLOW. Not necessarily a bad thing but, not a good thing either. Each of these colors come with their positive qualities and their negative qualities. So with my fun loving happy spontaneity comes noncommittal, unorganized undisciplined qualities. See the problem yet?

J. Adam Cleverley(Blue turned Red) always says that i make just enough money to be able to have fun, go to Provo, and go to the movies. I'm not disciplined to make the effort to make more money, cuz i don't need more money. (not sure how i feel about that! Who doesn't need more money?) But he saying i do just enough to get by cuz, working is not so fun, being responsible-not so fun. Fun is what i base everything on. (I've learned so much)

So about 2 weeks i was falling to pieces (not something that happens to me very often cuz again-not fun) I've been struggling with the responsibility at home with mom (reminder responsibility in yellows mind- not fun). I've always struggled with my purpose in life, where i am supposed to be, what I'm supposed to be doing. Yellow craves calmness, i jump from thing to thing, place to place to feel that temporary calmness. I've wanted to move out forever (reminder commitment-scary to yellows). I've been concerned with what people are thinking of me(yellows crave attention, they liked to be liked and they like to be notice).

Over the weekend i'd lost my fish, i had a flat tire,had to get new tires, then i found out i almost lost my apartment, i freaked and then the straw that broke my back, i cut my finger and was bleeding everywhere. I was done with life. I stormed in to Adams office and just stared him down. "What do you need?" He asked. Seriously i stood there trying to say something but i couldn't do it. He of coursed laughed at me cuz that's what everyone does. He said, "Am, spit it out."

I got kinda mad, "I can't! I have a hard time admitting that i need help." i yelled at him. (Not kidding)

He laughed again and said "Why? cuz you're invincible. You don't need help." Well duh! That's exactly it! Admitting that i need help shows that I'm weak and I'm not a weak person!

So he so very nicely said, "Amber, what can i do for you?" He had this annoying smirk on his face. Finally after sitting there for 2 full minutes i spit it out.

After the day was over we sat in his office and discussed a few things. We(actually HE) talked a lot about my yellow personality. We talked how it's ok to be yellow. But i need to try and develop some of the positive qualities of the other colors. There is nothing wrong with being fun and being motivated by fun but i also need to add some focus and discipline to my life and help discover who i am and where I'm going. At 27 i don't have a clue!

So i decided i was going to make and effort and be more charactered. I want to try and stop the negative yellow(and blue and white) qualities and create the positive red qualities. So i bought this book. It's the 2nd book to the Color Code Book called, Color Your Future. It supposed to help you enhance your life by using the Color Code.

I've been all excited hoping i was gonna be motivated to try and become better. So last week i was reading this book and there came a part where there was a page full of words. Just words.
I had to circle all the words (good and bad qualities) that characterized me MOST of the time. Then i had to ask 4 other people who i trust and who know me pretty well to do the same. The purpose of this is to be able to see how others perceive me. It was interesting.

Adam wanted to go over EVERY single word he circled and why and then talk about why i circled what i did. (PS he doesn't think i have any red qualities positive or negative. I totally disagree. I haven't told him that though!) It was an eye opener to really find out what people think of me. So far I've learned I'm not who i thought i was and the person i want to be even farther away than i could ever imagined. Being the yellow that i am i want to give up cuz seriously this adventure of discovering or creating who i really am... isn't so fun.

I decided that if I'm going to try and become better.. I'm in for the long haul (what the hell was i thinking? (yellow mind). So I'm trying to become better at being motivated, disciplined, focused, productive and decisive. Like i said, hasn't been too fun. It's actually been really hard. I'm not dedicated to anything. But i know that staying in this will help shape me into who i want to be and help me be successful in all aspects of life. So..

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Not too Shabby

I am defiantly no professional but I don't think i did that bad of a job! I love taking pictures! Last fall i took Adam and Lana's family pictures and word got around that I was decent at taking pictures. So.. here they are.. I'll post a few of Adam and Lana's from last fall and then I took the Anderson family pictures on Saturday!

This picture we changed to black and white and fixed
the corners and it's hanging in their family room!

The Andersons! They were SO funny!

This makes me really want to buy photoshop!
Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm an Aunt.. AGAIN

Monroe Wayne Whitten
Born: Nov. 11, 2008
7lbs 12oz
21 in

She looks a lot better than after this one than her first one!
I don't think she was smiling after Mikey was born!

Big brother Mikey and Daddy

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Captain Jack Sparrow

FIRTH- Captain Jack Sparrow died in his fish bowl November 7, 2008 after suffering from a stoke the previous week. He was born (well I really don't know).. was brought into our home September 3, 2007. He was a great friend and fish and will be missed by many!

Jack was a talented and smart fish. He was always entertaining the kids by rearranging his rocks after his bowl was recently clean and jumping out of his bowl to get his food out of your fingers if you didn't put it in the water quick enough. He loved to bury himself under rocks hiding from all those who wanted to see him and bug him. He always knew when there was food waiting for him when you tapped the top of the glass and would come straight to your fingers.

Jack is survived by his best friend and caretaker, Amber; Kellie, Michelle, Jason, Zak, Chey, Kassidy, and Aspen; all close friends who loved to watch him, tease him and feed him. He was preceded in death by his brother, SkipBo, and Grandpa Mecham.

Memorial services were held in the Tucker bathroom. Saturday afternoon November 08, 2008

Syntek Global

Better gas mileage- Cleaner Engine- Better for the environment

Happy Haunting!

I love Halloween! My kids are cuter than yours!!!

A Scarecrow

A pumpkin
An angry pumpkin! He's still cute!!

Thomas the Train, a Lady bug, and a witch
Just before we headed out!

We went to Klarices Inlaws and they made up this story about great great great great great great Grandma and Grandpa and uncle Joe and aunt Maisey. We ate their fingers, their eyes, their teeth and their brains. It was TASTY!

I believe these are uncle Joe's hands.. I think!

I was a die for the ward party! That box isn't the easiest to get
around in so on Halloween i was just colorful
Eva, Tucker, Matthew, and Joey! How cute are they?
This picture was too cute not to put on here!!