Saturday, June 21, 2008


Every year we go camping we have a problem! Some one in our crew ends up with a flat tire, or two flat tires, or the four wheeler gets a flat tire, or the bumper on our truck falls off and we run over it and get a flat tire, or some one falls in the creek, or some one drives the four wheeler in the creek, or our dog dies, or just something dramatic happens! We've called it the Tucker curse!
We are hopping our curse came early this year, just 3 days before we go camping.

This is my nephew Todd he is almost 13. This morning he decided to take the four-wheeler out or a run.. We live on about 8 acres of land so, Not a big deal.. not unusual. They have one of their own and he is skilled in driving it. The adults are all in the house cleaning up breakfast, i was doing laundry, and we were all scattered about when...
My sweet nephew Cody (10yrs old) came walking into the house all nonchalant and cool like it's not a big deal and said "hey dad, Todd just drove the four-wheeler into the canal." My brother Chris jumped up and ran out the door to see Toddy yelling and waving his arms across the pasture on the bank of the canal. "Dad, Dad" was all it seemed he could get out. Chris took off running through the field and when he got to Todd he took everything out of his pockets and jumped in to try and save the 4 wheeler. I couldn't decide if i needed to go help. i wanted in on the action but wasn't sure if I'd be in the way or if i could help. Then i heard a four-wheeler, and see my brother in law Brian coming down the lane. I waved him down and hopped on.
I know i look like crap. I was really doing laundry though.. and i hadn't been outta bed too long. So Brian took off so fast i almost fall off the back, i had to dig my nails into him not to fall off. So we headed up to the canal searching for my Chris and my dad and whoever else had ran up there. We finally saw Chris
half submerged in the COLD canal with one hand holding a rope that was tied to the four-wheeler and the other holding tight to the grass on the bank. There is was our four-wheeler bobbing up and down in the water. Chris was exhausted. He'd been holding on there for about 20 mins while my dad ran back home to get the Truck and find away to get to the other side of the canal. He said he was about ready to let go just before we showed up. I took the rope from him and almost fell in myself cuz the current was so strong. He took a 30 second break and then the 3 of us tried to pull it out ourselves. Chris pushed from the water and Brian and i pulled the back but we just weren't quite enough. Just when we'd lost hope, my dad came pulling up in our old ugly worn out 1981 Chevy pick-up loaded with about 10 people. Everyone jumped out, we tied another rope on to the four-wheeler and started pulling again. Chris and Brian were both in the water pushing and the rest of us pulling. It wasn't that easy because they were pushing when we weren't pulling and we were pulling when they weren't pushing. All the sudden i heard my dad, "HEAVE-HO! HEAVE-HO!" I died laughing as everyone else joined in, "HEAVE-HO! HEAVE-HO!" we got into a rhythm and pulled the four-wheeler out of the canal and up the bank. IT was hilarious!

That easy part was done.. now what.. how do we get it to work. Well My Brother in law Brian is pretty smart about cars and stuff like this, so we go it home and we literally strung it up on a tree..
Brian worked on it all afternoon draining things and cleaning things. He just changed the oil last week, he had to do that again.

After all that the four-wheeler was running.. Do you believe that?? What a day. Todd is totally fine. It just scared him. He said he was trying to turn around and backed up too far and there he went. He said the only thing he thought as he fell in the water was "Oh Crap!" Too funny! I hope this brighten somebodies day. And pray that the curse hit us early!!


Well Finally the weather here in Firth, Idaho has has warmed up. On Monday we put out pool up. This Pool is 18 feel wide and 5 feet deep!!

You have to stay in while the first few inches fill so you can get all t
he wrinkles out. The kids were so jealous i was the one that go to do it!

Tucker was more than thrilled to be watching!
These boys were dying to get in

JohnV got in to help.. He was all sportin' it cool like he was a hottie!!

Isn't he cute?? He hates it when i say that!

So today was the first day i was able to get into the pool. It was awesome!! I love the water!! I worked hard playing with my kids! I didn't take any pics cuz.. i was playing!! Happy Summer!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


My Sister tagged me on myspace about a month ago, so i thought I'd do it on this blog.. The point is to post 10 random things about myself...

1. Ever morning i wake up with a song in my head.. sometimes it's different, sometimes its the same one a few days in a row. Recently it's that dumb "you're on my heart just like a tattoo" song.. hate it!

2. i hate my food to touch each other on my plate!

3. i have to have background noise. I can't just sit in silence.

4. I love TENNIS!!!

5. I'm gonna be rich some day and hire my own personal assistant to do mundane daily things for me!

6. I am obsessed with Llamas and i totally want one.

7. I have 19 nieces and nephews and 2 on the way.

8. I HATE cleaning out the dishwasher. No problem loading it but putting the clean ones away.. UGH!!!!

9. I've never watched the movie Grease.

10. My personality color is yellow.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Funny Story

This is the story of a girl!

This is Laura

This is a Conversation that took place between Laura (Dr. Nelson receptionist) and myself today!

Amber: Hey Laura look at this picture on my phone of me and my Roo from this weekend. We had so much fun!

Picture on my phone

Laura: Oh thats so cute.. where is that at?

Amber: In Provo at Roo's house.

Laura: Who's Roo? Is she one of your mentally handicap people you worked with??


Laura: Oh my gosh.. i'm so sorry i just looked at the face and thought it looked kinda funny!!

IT made my Day!!! Love you Roo! Laura is really sorry!!!