Wednesday, August 3, 2011

McKeon James Whitten

SFianlly, I'm writing another blog. I get emails and text messages occasionally telling me that people miss my blogging. I apologize, I'd say I'll try to be better, but i know I would be a lie. =)

I'm going to share some thoughts that have been on my mind since November and continue to be ever present.

In November my sister Kaylene and her husband Michael lost their sweet baby boy, McKeon James, at 7 weeks old. I am not a parent, but i am an aunt to 24 Fun, hilarous, and awesome nieces and nephews. It's amazing how even though i had never seen McKeon or held him, he was instantly one of mine, one of my kids that i am willing to fight for, laugh with (or at), and basically do anything for. When that sweet boy left us, our family was devastated to say the least. His funeral was very short but his spirit was ever present, and though i can't explain it, it felt right, whatever reason he wasn't to be with us, there was such an amazing spirit of calmness, comfort, and the knowledge that it was OK, we would see him again.
My sister is probably the strongest person i know. She has been such an amazing example of faith and strength. She has 2 older boys that love and adore her, i know some days are harder than others but she illustrates everyday the importance of motherhood. I was able to go and visit them in March and the spirit was pouring out of their home. I could not believe how present and strong the love of our Heavenly Father radiated from every corner, what a blessing and comfort to know that even though tragedy struck, they are continuing to live their lives with such faith and hope, that the spirit of the Lord still resides in their home to help comfort them, calm them, and lift them in their moments of doubt and despair. How lucky we are to have the knowledge of eternal families. We all face tragedies, some are overwhelming and life altering, some helps us define who we are, others encourage us to have more faith in continuing with this journey. I think of McKeon daily. He encourages me everyday to live righteously, to fight against Satan, and help me become a better person. He's helped me have more faith, that i will one day be able to see him and hold him.

I'm so grateful for a sister and brother who are incredibly strong and have such trust in our in our Father In Heaven, especially in such a desolate time. . I'm ever grateful for there unwavering faith. I'm grateful for McKeon, 7 weeks is not long, but it was enough to help humble me and encourage me to evaluate my spirituality and get back on track. I'm grateful for the knowledge of the gospel.


Shannon said...

Amber, what a beautiful post! I so needed to hear that today, thank you!

Stephani Polson said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your family's loss. But your post was amazing to read. Isn't it such a comfort to have the gospel and understand what eternal families really are? I sure think so. Glad you finally updated! :) Keep in touch!